Selecting Players based on tactics/mentor scores

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    When playing Live you have the option to filter matches based on score. 

    Is there a way to choose opponents based on Tactics and Chessmentor scores? 

    Too many times I've played opponents and post mortem look at their profiles.   Suddenly; I find they are not rated at all in these areas! or have a very low tactics/chessmentor scores that do not reflect their play against me.    

    For some of these players I can Download their games and run them against chessbase queries to find if they are randomly winning (using help) or if they consistently use a number of systems (repetior).  

    I have yet to find an online player with an extremely high tactics score and no chess mentor score or vice versa.   

    But I have found High rated paying members with no tactics/mentor score!   Why?

    Even when I joined free I attempted daily puzzles, tactics trainer, and chess mentor, this gave me a score.        

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    Alivallo wrote:


    But I have found High rated paying members with no tactics/mentor score!   Why?


    Why not?

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    to answer; 'Why Not' -  I would assume if you are paying for site access you are NOT paying to play most would say '''whaaaaa???"...I repeat you are NOT paying to play chess. 

    There are plenty of other sites to play chess, and to play free.  You are paying for the features, additional access, videos, etc.     'why not' does not address the question properly.

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    Policing cheating is a Feature and service this site offers. 

    convenient interface, is also a Feature. 

    You may get this free on the site as well; this is why I initially joined.   Yahoo chess is riddled with 'improvments needed' as well a shockwave games.  

    Although I am looking for an answer to the question 'Why can't I filter by Chessmentor or Tactics trainer score'...   

    I should probably change the title of the post.  

    thank you for the reply. 

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