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susan polgar

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    Elubas must be a much better player now than he was 4 years ago!

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    Carlsen did 10 a few years ago, winning every game I think.

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    BabyRhinoRainbow wrote:

    Elubas must be a much better player now than he was 4 years ago!

    Why do you say that?

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    For some perspective on blindfold chess, anyone interested in such things should really read Jeremy Spinrad's When Blindfold Chess Became Easy.

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:
    BabyRhinoRainbow wrote:

    Elubas must be a much better player now than he was 4 years ago!

    Why do you say that?

    I am just guessing that a 2000 rated player would not be surprised that someone can play 5 blindfold games at once!

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    Oh. Look at the OP"s rating.

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    Well, I will say it's certainly a lot more believable now than it was before, as chess players naturally develop very strong visualization skills! Still, the blindfold part seems difficult -- if I was doing it I would worry that I would forget about even one of the boards and would struggle to figure out what it was again. It would seem by the time I was through with making my move in 4 out of the 5 games, I'd totally forget what was going on in the 5th one, and so forth. But then, that's me -- someone 400-500 points higher rated is probably a big enough jump to the point where it is at least not overwhelmingly tough. Perhaps I could at least handle one blindfold game!

    I should actually try blindfold for once -- now that chess.com has made it an option, perhaps today will be the day.

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    I didn't know it was an option. Do you remember what your rating was when you first answered this?

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    In live chess, go to settings, and for piece style, such as "classic" or "modern," there is also a "blindfold" option, my guess being it's just a blank board with no pieces. So any game with that board is essentially blindfolded.

    If it was 4 years ago, it was probably early 2009, so I would say around 1400 USCF.

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    Oh. What's your USCF rating now? Never mind, I looked 1949.

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    Well, I tried it, against computer medium, 10 10 time control. I was able to do pretty decently I guess -- basically played a normal game of chess except I focused a lot more on making sure I wasn't accidentally hanging pieces.

    However, the endgame was a problem lol -- forgot lots of stuff. At one point when I had queen and rook vs king, I thought I had the king all cut off but wondered why it wasn't giving me mate. It turns out black had a g pawn or something blocking the g file. You can kind of cheat as when your cursor is on a piece it looks different. So I could tell there was a pawn on g4 just by putting the cursor over it as it looks different from an empty square. So it's probably not a completely true blindfold in that sense, but it was nonetheless an interesting experience. I'll post the game here. The end was obviously pretty ridiculous; the best part was when I played Rxb6, forgetting about the a7 pawn that protected it!


    Oh, and no, I would have no chance in hell with any more than one of these at a time!

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:
    Elubas wrote:

    Could she really play 5 games simultaneously without looking at the pieces? That's incredible.

    Only five? Other GMs do more than that.


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    So, whatever happened to Susan Polgar and the lawsuits? Anyone have an unbiased summary link?

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    Ubik42 wrote:

    So, whatever happened to Susan Polgar and the lawsuits? Anyone have an unbiased summary link?

    What lawsuits?

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    There is an entire book about blindfold chess. Here are reviews:

    At the USCF site, there is a 2010 article, USCF Agrees to Settle Lawsuits with Susan Polgar and Paul Truong. At the moment, I do not have a link for it. One can probably get it through Google or something.

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    Almost any GM can probably play several blindfold games at once, particularly against patzers like me. But very few can play 30 or more blindfold games at once. Playing large numbers of simultaneous blindfold games may actually be a special talent.

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    The USCF settled the lawsuits. I.e. They paid a settlement.

    Yet they insist Susan was wrong and will not put her in the Hall of Fame.
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    "... As part of the settlement, Polgar and Truong, have agreed to never contest the USCF Executive Board's action in revoking their USCF memberships; acknowledge that they are no longer members of the USCF or members of the USCF Executive Board; agree to never seek, run for, or accept a leadership position in the USCF; and will never contest the Delegate's actions that ratified the decisions of the USCF Executive Board at the August 2009 Annual Delegates Meeting. ..." - USCF site (2010)

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