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susan polgar

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    Elubas must be a much better player now than he was 4 years ago!

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    Carlsen did 10 a few years ago, winning every game I think.

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    BabyRhinoRainbow wrote:

    Elubas must be a much better player now than he was 4 years ago!

    Why do you say that?

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    For some perspective on blindfold chess, anyone interested in such things should really read Jeremy Spinrad's When Blindfold Chess Became Easy.

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:
    BabyRhinoRainbow wrote:

    Elubas must be a much better player now than he was 4 years ago!

    Why do you say that?

    I am just guessing that a 2000 rated player would not be surprised that someone can play 5 blindfold games at once!

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    Oh. Look at the OP"s rating.

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    Well, I will say it's certainly a lot more believable now than it was before, as chess players naturally develop very strong visualization skills! Still, the blindfold part seems difficult -- if I was doing it I would worry that I would forget about even one of the boards and would struggle to figure out what it was again. It would seem by the time I was through with making my move in 4 out of the 5 games, I'd totally forget what was going on in the 5th one, and so forth. But then, that's me -- someone 400-500 points higher rated is probably a big enough jump to the point where it is at least not overwhelmingly tough. Perhaps I could at least handle one blindfold game!

    I should actually try blindfold for once -- now that chess.com has made it an option, perhaps today will be the day.

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    I didn't know it was an option. Do you remember what your rating was when you first answered this?

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    In live chess, go to settings, and for piece style, such as "classic" or "modern," there is also a "blindfold" option, my guess being it's just a blank board with no pieces. So any game with that board is essentially blindfolded.

    If it was 4 years ago, it was probably early 2009, so I would say around 1400 USCF.

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    Oh. What's your USCF rating now? Never mind, I looked 1949.

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    Well, I tried it, against computer medium, 10 10 time control. I was able to do pretty decently I guess -- basically played a normal game of chess except I focused a lot more on making sure I wasn't accidentally hanging pieces.

    However, the endgame was a problem lol -- forgot lots of stuff. At one point when I had queen and rook vs king, I thought I had the king all cut off but wondered why it wasn't giving me mate. It turns out black had a g pawn or something blocking the g file. You can kind of cheat as when your cursor is on a piece it looks different. So I could tell there was a pawn on g4 just by putting the cursor over it as it looks different from an empty square. So it's probably not a completely true blindfold in that sense, but it was nonetheless an interesting experience. I'll post the game here. The end was obviously pretty ridiculous; the best part was when I played Rxb6, forgetting about the a7 pawn that protected it!


    Oh, and no, I would have no chance in hell with any more than one of these at a time!

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:
    Elubas wrote:

    Could she really play 5 games simultaneously without looking at the pieces? That's incredible.

    Only five? Other GMs do more than that.


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    So, whatever happened to Susan Polgar and the lawsuits? Anyone have an unbiased summary link?

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