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Synergy, imagination and ramblings.

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    As I experience life, I understand that things are given names, in every laguage, and possibly multiple names. The names given are either actual, or symbolic. The actual "real" objects in our material world we place onto objects we cannot TRUELY describe or name, but we notice similarities, and liklynessess and in our greatest attempt to objectify our reality place a symbolic name to a given thing.

     As we progress through the human experience we get better and better at naming things, and thus our vocabulary grows and so does our objective understanding.

     Through the ages Chess pieces have been called several different names, but are symbolic. (Rook, elephant, castles) Its the same for every piece.

     Now what ive been waiting for.
      When I sit down at the board, it is clean, and newborn.

    The pawns are the miniature perspective individual trying to do "good" weather or not he is doing what is accurate or a clear blunder, from his point of view he is doing his best and thats all we can ask for.They move out into the darkness finding giants to hang onto, weather it be Religion(Bishops) or true justice (Knights) or staying near the walls (Rooks) defending from intruders. The individual (Pawn) may not know his true potential (To become a wall, true justice, religion, or the fire of life itself (queen),but he knows he is doing it for a higher cause (You, or the king).

     Now I come to the conclusion that Religion is bishops, from the symbolic name. However my personal reason for calling it such is because bishops can pin anything, or scewer anything, and freeze it in place, or force it to move.
     Knights are true justice, this is why nothing stands in their way. They travel the planes attacking in a perfect circle, waiting for the moment to pounce and serve up some unavoidable pain.

     When pieces work together thats when hell beaks loose. I imagine true justice fueled by the fire of life destroying the opposition (enemy king, you.)
     What do you see?

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    Late in the evening, the knights start to look like sheep

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    I picture Rapunzel getting thrown around and bashed onto walls as the rooks move.

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     People do all kinds of things,most are pretty silly.


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