The Best Player Never to Become World Champion?

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    payshisdebt wrote:

    Kramnik, lol, it is obvious Victor Korchnio

    The Pride of Italy.

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    Fresh_from_the_Oven wrote:
    payshisdebt wrote:

    Kramnik, lol, it is obvious Victor Korchnio

    The Pride of Italy.

    korchnoi and Italy relation?

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    I think that may have been a reference to the spelling.

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    Or the misspelling rather.

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    Akiba Rubinstein

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    payshisdebt wrote:

    Kramnik, lol, it is obvious Victor Korchnio

    But Kramnik was world champion.  He not only defeated Kasparov for the title (I think it's one of history's greatest upsets, I was going to do a thread on that actually with Euwe defeating Alekhine, Tal defeating Botvinnik and Steinitz successfully defending his title against Chigorin being candidates for biggest upsets in history) but defended his title against Topalov, who blew away the competition at San Luis 2005. 


    As for my answer it's hard to say, but Chigorin, Rubinstein, Keres, Korchnoi, and Caruana are very strong candidates. 

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    Oogie I agree with your selections - there are many great players who could potentially have become world champion. It only just ocurred to me, but maybe Bent Larsen should be on that list too.

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    Caruana doesn't count for the same reasons that Carlsen didn't count two years ago :)

    Bent Larsen himself has said that there were simply better players than him at the time he was trying to become champion. Not sure if that rules him out though. But it seems he wouldn't consider himself :-/

    I still think Tarrash is a good bet. He was very, very strong at his prime.

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      Well there are alot of players you could make a case for but my choice  is Harry Pillsbury.

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    My personal choice:  Sammy Reshevsky.  If the man could have just avoided time trouble.  

    Obvious choices: Korchnoi, and Keres

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    Haven't seen anybody mention Topalov. Are people considering him a World Champion?

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    IMO morphy is the best player to not win a WC title if not the best player ever. rubenstein could have been better if he started as a kid instead of at the age of 19.

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    Jan Timman

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