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Ultimate Chess Player of the Month July 2012

  • #821
    netzach wrote:

    Are you ''hot'' ?


    A LOT

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  • #823

    Who is this pdela person? Is this a former user reincarnated?
    And isn't trysts supposed to be back already?

  • #824

    I'm sure he's the original, since when he came back, his avatar popped back in on my friends

  • #825

    I like to pop, like I say the popper the merrier

  • #826

    Karl Popper was never particularly merry.

  • #827

    That Peter Popoff guy wasn't much fun, either.

  • #828

    There's always John Popper, but I think he may have been jollier than he was merry.

  • #829

    Poppin' Fresh

  • #830

    The Fish Popper

  • #831

    And then there is that Popper with the penguins, and Mr. Popper, a shampoo


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