Wang Hao in 2020 Candidates! It's Okay to Notice Ethnicity, Nationality, and Sex of Players, Yes?


Hi SorryImAnon, I have never blocked anyone.  IMBacon blocked forked_again, not I.


I only mention Trump to support my contention that it's okay for folks to recognize and mention, and even cheer nationality and race and sex.

I just dont understand the disdain some folks have for Trump being a nationalist, but be perfectly okay with Putin being a nationalist or Xi Jinping being a nationalist.  Well, let me modify that.  If a person is a globalist, then I could understand their disdain for Trump's nationalism.  I would just ask the globalists to disdain all the national leaders who act in the interest of their respective nations.  Disdain the mullahs in Iran, disdain Britain's Boris Johnson, disdain Putin, disdain Jinping, ... not just Trump.  If you're a borderless globalist, just be consistent.


IBy the same token, if you cheer for America, then acknowledge that Trump can and does cheer for America too.  Moreover, whatever country you support, if you do, then you're a nationalist.  And my thesis is ... that's perfectly fine!

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