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Was Mikhail Tal so great because he was so drunk?

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    pfren wrote:
    SylentSwords έγραψε:

    Latvian Gambit? Is it Tal’s? (2.f5)

    Nope. Misha never played that (or any other junk opening). His opening repertoire was quite mainstream.

    Thanks dude, I wondered only because Tal is Latvian , no other reason. ‘‘Tis a junk opening.

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    I have never read anywhere that Tal ever played a tournament game while drunk. The idea, and this entire thread, is ludicrous.

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    Alcohol is a destructive clever drug. Anybody who thinks it improves their chess playing ability is delusional. It is like saying 'I'm so witty when drunk'. Yes to oneself, a complete bore to the rest.

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    Alekhine was more of an alcoholic than Tal was. People think Alekhine lost to Euwe because of that. I'm not sure if this is true but if you play chess drunk the first hour of the game you'll play great but then after that you'll play like crap. 

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    GM Tal was great because he can out calculate against anyone; tacticians are superb calculator, Chigorin, Alekhine and Kasparov.


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