Who is better

stephenthomasconrad wrote:

Carlsen is better because he is alive.  


ChessEgghead wrote:

Who is better: Robert James Fisher (Bobby Fisher) or Magnus Carlsen?

If they would have played together while they both were in their prime, Magnus would have won but if you look at the time when Bobby played he was probably a better player in case of the circumstances.

Who is better:Robert James Fisher (Bobby Fisher)or Magnus Carlsen?
EvelynTelos wrote:

If Bobby was revived with his interest in chess, and he was given enough time to prepare, let's say until the next world chess championship, he'd crush everyone including Carlsen, mid - high diff.

No he wouldn't.


While I am a fan of Fischer, I think Magnus would have the edge only because today there is so much knowledge about the game and it is easy to access while Fischer had to rely on books and magazines to study chess.

Now if we set up a game of chess960, Fischer I think might be better.


Do you mean at chess? Magnus. 


No he doesnt mean chess he means darts

Emper0r_Zurg wrote:

No he doesnt mean chess he means darts

Oh, probably me.




won 20 tournaments in row proved fischer's killer instinct was a big deal that grandmasters were not able to mess with him. still Fischer and Kasparov were the greatest, so legit quuestion is Fischer vs Kasparov that the anwers will be equal so they were like Pele and Maradona in football that FiFA could not choose one of them for the footbal player of the century so both Pele and Maradona was chosen for being football player of the century same case for Fischer and Kasparov i think if there is chess player of the century FiDE would choose both of them