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Who is the best dressing Super GM?

  • #1

    I gotta go with Aronian, myself.

    What do you guys think?

  • #2

    Yeah, I don't think Aronian has any serious competition in that respect.

  • #3

    Nothing makes a statement like plaid and horizontal stripes, though.  I need to see a GM wearing that over vertically striped sweatpants and pink bunny slippers.  Wink

  • #4


    dead serious

  • #5

    I don't know about now, but when Fischer stopped wearing T-shirts he was a sharp dresser.

  • #6

    Aronian can be a sharp dresser but somtimes his shirts are over the top.

  • #7

    Bu if no him, then one of these guys...

  • #8

    when in china ...

  • #9

    When in orbit around Ceti Alpha 5....

  • #10

    and in sweden, during the black death

  • #11

    Where is the mod police to delete these pictures and posts?

    Talk about a double standard.

  • #12

    if the op wants me to remove my posts, i will gladly remove them.  however i'm unsure why they should offend or disturb anyone as they are in line with the theme.

  • #13

    GM Kaidanov always looks like a sharp dressed man.

    EDIT:  OOPS, this is about super GMs.  My bad.  I probably shouldn't post at 3:45 am.

  • #14

    Anish Giri.It is obvious.

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  • #16

    Caruana looks good too:


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