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Who is your least favorite chess player of all time, and why?

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    nameno1had wrote:

    I find it bothersome that someone would be jealous of someone else's success, but not desire their hard worek or dedication....it is like hating a guy because he won thelottery....shut up and buy a ticket....

    I'm sure he wasn't serious.

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    elig5428 wrote:

    me too. that is exactly what i was going to say before I read your post.


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    I just noticed  that I forgot to click "post"....5 months ago. 

    - "me"  was my post 5, and a bit, months ago. Self-explanatory irony.

    Yes, I know. 

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    Bobby Fischer was a jerk, no doubt.  He was a nut, and his paronia and insanity just got worse and worse.  His racism is what was unforgivable to me.

    But I always like him because as a teenager, Fischer is the one who got me interested in chess.  He wrote a wonderful column about chess for Boy's Life magazine in the early 1960's.  I read everyone of them.  His battle with Spassky for the World Championship at the height of the cold war captured the country's imagination.  Bobby made chess cool.

    Then he made himself a fool.  How sad.  But I could never say I dislike him most.  To me he had a sad mental disease.

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    So he had an unforgivable mental disease...I see.

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    lol...sounds like he and Hitler might have been buds...

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    Aye, and they both whistled "Erika" while playing chess...

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    I never realized Hitler played chess ?

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    I never realized he whistled.

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    Now I'm not sure if he could do two things at the same time.

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    I wonder if as in chess and in life, he thought the minority attack was a good idea ?

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    He could laugh though:  "These two Jews walk into a bar..."

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    ...they should have paid more attention to where they were walking...?

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    Daeru wrote:

    Hmm, does Deep Blue count? 

    this made my day..

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    AlCzervik wrote:

    I never realized he whistled.

    it does seem like that mustache would possibly mess him up...


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