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Why do I suck (1500)?

  • #81

    Well, that was a veritable word tower...

  • #82
    AndyClifton wrote:

    Uh-oh, "ad hominem" and "strawman" in one post.  Those critical thinking seminars are mining some rich veins for sure.

    "Rich veins...?" Is that another way of calling me a fat-ass? I knew the salesperson lied when i asked how these jeans made me look!

  • #83

    Actually, your pic doesn't make you look fat at all.  Unlike mine...

  • #84

    Have you looked at my base? It's the jeans, i tell ya!

  • #85

    Okay, so maybe you do have a little bit of shelf booty.  But try having your head be the widest part of your body sometime (it's hell, I tell ya).

  • #86

    You have a point there. I was about to go on about the shine on my hairless head, but the dark rings around your eyes take the cake.

  • #87

    Yeah, it was a lot more fun getting them than it is having them.

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    In that game 12fxg3 would've been wiser:

    or before it.


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