Winning Streak

fishyvishy wrote:

i have never lost a game on


Sorry to remind you of that losing streak you had 3 days ago. You do know everyone can check your archives right? Before you make claims like that.


winning streak means all wins with no draws.


50 wins in a row.


4000 wins in a row.


13-6-1 in the last 20 games with 8-0 winning streak, but im low rated tho



So Far I've 9 continuing in two days.

here it is :


SpiderUnicorn wrote:

alas, the best undefeated streak was made by Mikhail Tal, a clean 95 games with no loses. its an unbreakable record!!

Carlsen have now 101 games so far...


Not a "winning streak", per se, but Magnus Carlsen is in the midst of a 120-game undefeated streak in standard time controls. Unreal!


i have a strike of 343 games without losing. 

alex_aspergo wrote:

i have a strike of 343 games without losing. 

Your top streak is 11...


Nope. Its 343 including draws

alex_aspergo wrote:

Nope. Its 343 including draws

I literally just looked at your archive, your current streak is 1


Now it is. But not before


Your highest winning streak is 11, added with all your 35 draws, would only be 46 games. Not even close.


Im telling you it was 343. Not close but 100% exact

wowiezowie wrote:

I think that as you learn, there is a bit of a down time as your brain hardwires the new info... then you come back stronger... then go down again ect.  Congrats on your wins, though!

Well put. Forty four years of playing and studying music theory, I can attest that this is the truth.  And I find the same truth in studying chess in depth. 

Your brain needs time to assimilate and process the information. (That's why it's best to take small breaks when studying, e.t.c. ).

Thank you for this sound advice. 

~ Suzy Creamcheese


PS I'm friends with Vai and he talks about this often: peaks and valleys in the learning curve. I've found that in the beginning (like where I'm at with regard to chess), I learn so much from my mistakes. 


I think a good idea is to go back and study your games from a month ago;  it may seem like we're stuck on a plateau, but by looking at our games from a month ago, we've actually become better players or better at some aspects of chess. The mind/ego would have us believe otherwise (that's a metaphysical discussion for some other forum). The point is to continue moving forward with our ambitions of becoming better chess players; but do take a day or two off from playing when we hit a huge plateau (losing streak, for example). The brain does need time to assimilate information.