Gothic Chess


Hi everyone;
                    I'm trying to get a new variant (technically 2 new variants) of Chess onto this website, and it is called Gothic Chess.  It has a 10x8 board, two new pieces added to each side, and the King moves over 3 spaces when it castles.  The Chancellor moves like a Rook, and a Knight.  The Arch-Bishop moves like a Bishop, and a Knight.  It is a really fun variant of Chess.  Bobby Fischer liked it before he died.  He called it "Complete Chess."  When you play Bughouse with it, Gothic Chess brings a whole new level of craziness.  Who else would be interested in seeing Gothic Chess, and Gothic Bughouse to this website?  Maybe even Gothic Crazy House.  Please reply with your thoughts, and opinions.  Thanks!


I'd love to see Gothic Chess added to!  I'm sure I'd be a spectacularly bad at it as I am at regular chess...  ;-)

Is this @gothicchessinventor 2.0?

Did you want this + the varient (gothic) ?


Note that Gothic Chess isn't the same as Capablanca Chess.  There are some subtle but important differences.  See here for more information.