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Bulldog Chess with Witch (FortunaMajor - GallifreyanKing)

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    I have started a thread @FortunaMajor



    Of course it will just be a normal game and not a game for the bulldog crown (which I currently have and will keep if I manage to beat vickalan. If he wins he becomes the new champion).

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    @Martin0 - if you're available, love to play

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      @GallifreyanKing, sure we can play. I just started a game with FortunaMajor and want to spread out my games a bit, so we can start our game on Monday.

    btw, it's nice seeing you in the forums. You might already have noticed, but I'm the guy that became an admin for the 4 player chess club.

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    I did see that!

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    @Martin0 - wanna start playing?

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    And yeah, I know  Welcome to the 4PC team!

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    @Martin0 already started a game with @FortunaMajor, but he may want to play another game also.

    If he doesn't play, then I'd like to start a new game with someone after I finish at least one game. (I'm currently in different types of games with friedmelon, HorusTheThird, JohnHS, and Martin0). Probably one will be finished in about a week.

    btw: I've found my opponents to be strong - I may only get 2 wins out of these 4 games (I hope not worse than that)!cry.png

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    3 ongoing games I can manage, although after starting this game I will not want to start any new games until any of my games are finished. I have started the thread: happy.png


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    I hope I can make use of @Martin0's simultaneous games... because I'm having a bit of difficulty in our game.. grin.png


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