Castling on move 1 in Chess 960


Obviously, there exist various Chess 960 positions where it is possible to castle right on the first move. Will you do so? Is it good or bad? Is it a waste of tempo or will it help you protect the king and will make your position good. 


If black moves his King to g8, the rook automatically moves to f8 and castle is done. 


In this position,I wouldn't castle because after the castling,first few moves need to be done to have some kind of protection near the king.thus its a waste of tempo.


You're essentially conceding your opponent first move, and removing your own ability to castle. The opponent will now know exactly where to aim his forces.

Always a bad idea.


Nah.  I would do it for style points.  Fastest I have managed to castle was move 3 - move out 2 knights then 0-0


There should be no situation where castling would be the best first move, because there is no situation where this couldn't be done on the second move, regardless of what black does.

Since this is a 960 post, how about this question.  Is there a forced win for white in at least one of the 960 starting positions?  I'd guess yes, although it may be a few years for technology to advance enough for us to know.   


I think a pawn move staking out the center should be preferred to castling.  Having said that, White can probably get by with castling on the first move.  But if White does not start by castling, Black should definitely not do so as this would put him 2 tempii behind in staking out a claim in the center.  So no, I probably wouldn't castle on the first move, unless I'm White and in a strange mood.

As for a forced win from the starting position, I'd be amazed to learn of such a thing.  I think the symmetry should pretty much rule that out.  The parent, "shuffle chess" has been around for ages, and a forced win has not been discovered.


Yeah no-one has found a really "unfair" position in Chess960 where the position is so bad that it destroys the fun. In some positions, black has to be pretty creative to equalise, but it is truly amazing how much resource black has across all 960 positions:

Cheers and enjoy Chess960! Yes.......playing the same opening over and over again is lame!