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Petition: Live Chess960

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    Let's make it happen, people.  The time for Live Chess960 is long overdue.  This topic has been on the forums for over 5 years.  Where are the games?  Has development even begun?  Will the release go on being "immanent" for another half of a decade?


    In my view, Chess960 is to the "game of kings" what black powder was to warfare.  Just think of battle in medieval times!  Knights-errant trained since birth; entire villages of blacksmiths; horses bred to Brobdingnagian proportions; fortresses constructed over generations - this impregnable war machine made vulnerable by the mere presence of pistols, muskets and canons.  In our context, through Chess960, players that have not been afforded the many long years of training to memorize hundreds of opening variations in the standard game suddenly find themselves assailing the insurmountable.


    If you please, pass this on to your friends and groups so that we can generate the longest thread possible and garner the attention this great game deserves.

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    Fix the current issues in Live Chess first! Adding Chess960 into the fix now will just increase the issues 3 fold and then you will the first member here wanting them take care of the same issues they are trying to solve now.

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    This is the first I have heard of the problems. What do you refer to?

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    Yes, I would like to see Chess 960 Live. Players who are excellent at Chess 960 become so by skillfully reacting to changing circumstances and unfamiliar positions. Cultivating this type of play in part short-cuts the typical route to GM-dom, which is partly the memorization of openings. So, to a degree, I agree with your gun-poweder scenario. We already have 960 in Correspondence, why not Live?

    It is highly unlikely, I think, that 960 will ever overcome Standard chess in popularity since Standard has such a long (and rich) history. However, it is not just a popular venue for honing your skills for Standard. 960 is a different game. You reach positions in which you marvel at the strangeness, as if that board set-up could never be reached in Standard, which is not only possible but probable. Maybe you wouldn't want to play a 960 1-Minute Blitz. But I would love to play a 30 minute game, or a 15-10.

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    Chess 960 and Blitz ..... wild thing.

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    Actually,thats a good idea......Would love to see it

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    Yup i have already wrote about Live 960 in my review on Google Play chess.com app. . i wish they see it n do it. . 960 in my view is better than classic chess as it is a real test of one's tactics

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    AhmedRiaz: could you drop a link to that review?

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    I'd love to see it, and I doubt that it'd distract much from fixing any issues in the current live chess implementation.

    All the pieces (pardon the pun) are there: position generation, legal move generation (special rules for 960 castling), and live chess (clocks, chat, etc).

    Now, can someone glue the pieces together?

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    Where do I sign?

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    Chess 960 and Blitz together.

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    Thanks, ollave.  And don't worry, varelse1.  We are in receipt of your signature.  <G>

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    im in

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    I agree with this proposal.

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    I am signing on to this petition! Been waiting since 7/2011 for it! 960, in my opinion, levels the board for lower ranking players as it prohibits those who are utilizing a host of rote moves. Sometimes I can tell a person was just playing me using a predetermined set of moves based on my piece movement. Not only can one easily fall prey to this breed of player (I am too often guilty of being the victim), and subsequently become bored (in both live and online gameplay), but personally I prefer to play someone who knows what the pieces are really each capable of. Just for reference, I lose these battles just as frequently, to my shame...hahaha... though I feel I glean more chess savvy from unrehearsed moves. I also appreciate the ability to apply common tactics in uncommon positions, which, let's face it-is the beauty and fun of a good ole Fischer Random Chess match.

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    I'm in favor of the idea.  Has chess.com ever done a poll on how many people would be interested in live Chess960?

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    YLS85 wrote:

    I'm in favor of the idea.  Has chess.com ever done a poll on how many people would be interested in live Chess960?

    Perhaps they would do a poll if we kept this thread alive. My plan is to give to anyone I face in 960 a link to this thread. If we all do that, maybe it will stir up a bit more support.

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    I've wanted Chess960 live on Chess.com for so long, I've basically given up trying. I've contacted them, done whatever I can. To say they are slow is under statement. They have forced me to go to other chess sites to play it. I'd sign up and renew my paid subscription if they were to bring it in, but that does not appear to be enough incentive for them.

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    I found an option under "create game" (but only on my tablet in the chess.com app) that allows you to change the game type to chess 960 but either it's a glitch or there are no opponents to play because it keeps searching when I choose 10, 5, 3, 3|2, or 2|1. Does anybody else see this too? I would really like to know so I'm not waiting my time


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