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    I'm really astonished the attacks vs musketeerchess. He makes much efforts to make pieces, game online for chess variants. But it seems all these efforts are disturbing.

    We get to accuse him of having fake accounts (mine and his).

    I want to make things clear: We are 2 different persons and personnalities. Although my new enthousiasm for chess variants was mainly provoked by discussions with musketeerchess, i don't hide my support for his work. I'm in admiration because he seemed also to have spent an anormous ammount of money to make his pieces available for all of the chess variant funs.

    I will certainly not make friends with what i'm going to say, but i'm willing to support his work and why not help him to make his pieces and variant more renowned.

    I regret that some other projects are dead: Omega Chess, Super Chess. I wonder if some serious festivals or cultural events will interest in these variants, make tournaments so that we will see more and more chess variants.

    Finally, my logo is the least thing i can do to pay tribute to musketeer chess.

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