Anyone want me to join their clubs?


ok yah this place is getting spammed ima close it :/



yes my variant chess players club



Hello and welcome to this new and amazing club! Why should you join this club? Here are some main reasons below:

  • we have live and daily tournaments every day including big, and small ones
  • we have top bloggers that write great blogs which are about chess and contain great detail and information
  • we have streamers that are high rated and perform excellent streams
  • we have top players here, and are partnered with a club that has tons of titled players which will join very soon
  • we are growing fast, this club's leader managed to get 50 members in an inactive club within 4 days
  • we have coaches that for a small fee will offer you their great service, they are always ready to help you improve your chess
  • we have talented players of all ages, and from all countries
  • we have players who will be more than glad to share their knowledge of chess
  • we have a fun, active, and kind community of wonderful chess players
  • we have vote chess games, and matches which we are in the top of the leader board
  • we more than welcome members to have a chance and become promoted, you can simply ask for a position and highly likely get it
  • we have jobs which you can apply for, and help make this club be more active in exchange for logos, cheers, information, or even club positions
  • we have chess youtuber @ChesswithNickolay who can give you fun, helpful, and entertaining content
  • we have off topic forums where you can discuss everything besides chess (video games, favorite snacks, etc.)
  • we have professional logo makers that can make moving ones, and make them really well (see example below)


Remember, is a fun community filled with chess, friends, and fun. Why not experience all of it in one place, this club!

Thank you, @ChesswithNickolay



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