job announcement - I need 5 new admins - payment montly membership


job announcement
5 new admins needed

Salary for the right person with the right skills become a membership gift on a monthly basis.


some of your skills needs to be:

  • serious
  • ambitious
  • independent
  • dutiful
  • some previous admin experience
  • invite skills
  • reliable
  • min 1 year membership of is an advantage

1 month trial period, after the end of the month we will carry out an evaluation and you/I can choose whether you want/can continue.
membership will only be paid after one month in the job, and not paid in advance, as I have been cheated too many times, so I have stopped doing that. Work for a month first and you get membership.

send a PM to @Hilddea, write a short and comprehensive application
Feel free to mark it with "Job" so I can read it between my work sessions. Applications of interest will be sent "You are of interest". Applications without interest will receive a feedback to that effect.

if you're lucky, you can start a new job from 1 December.
Really looking forward to getting to know you better and working with you.


About mee:

I'm probably best known for being's undisputed #1 Top Gifter of all time, and I still am.
I have 15 Gifted clubs with a total of 19,500+ members.
I am known for many Gifted tournaments and plenty of different Gifted fun events for those who do not have good enough chess skills to win membership gifts.

A bit about the club I want new admins in:
Newly started club with only 2 members that will be built up from the ground up and become my club number 15 with gifted tournaments and gifted fun events as soon as the number of members in the club reaches 100 members.
The club will coordinate with other clubs of mine and play against other clubs of mine and other clubs.

Club name: Advance My Chess

Admin tasks:

everything to do with a club, monitoring, welcome new members, invite new members, help members extract all of their potentials, organize, votechess capt., make puzzles etc.

maybe 1 of you have chess coaching skills happy.png


If you have any questions about the job/club goal or tasks, don't hesitate to ask here or send a PM - here is the club link: club link:

best regards




Hmm interesting idea HIlddrea, just wondering is there a specific goal in mind you have for the club?


drink water 




I've sent my message to you. 


Consider friends before choosing the right person for the right position. Members need to know what consequences will substitute new work for qualification, what clubs expect from people while families and members are sponsors of new and old responsibilities where credits obviously will be deducted from specific limits in relation to nature. Job usually in system internet depending on natural reflexes such things we meaning the job will influence self system and others depending what first managers can speak a good personalities where development will leaven easy access on things, thinking left in discussion for right position if you are member optioning belong in less for acquirement meet responsibilities. This is usually a job qualification for the right person. This is just advertising and addition for members to live safeties, understand job and relation are similar in life and duties and fortune in life depending on your perfection. 10:39 PM


i'll apply


Hi Hilddea I'll apply. I have 3 years of experience in and I have been a admin in a club before.


I'll do friend


Hi all, i have many request for my payd jobs. I think it is close to 100
The 3 places I had available with not such a high rating requirement have been filled, the positions with a low rating were already filled after only a few hours when the first 3 who sent a message received the assignment and the promise of Platinum membership as payment, Now there are only some-2 or 3 with higher rating which is of interest as it is a club to level up the rating of the members.
unfortunately, but stay tuned, because there will be more announcements and new announcements as I get time and opportunity in my blog about some a few thousand possible membership prices in the future in the 15 gifted clubs of mine, I don't say much more about it here in this forum, because I save it for my blog and my followers, but there are 15 individual club membership events that everyone participates in which is a club members in the relevant club of the 15 clubs in question. Those of you who follow me will get to read about the rest, hopefully during the course of tomorrow.

chess coach:

If you have a higher rating and are perhaps known as a good chess player, or are a chess coach and need diamond membership, send a request with your description, skills and other qualifications.
maybe you have a youtube channel with online lessons and offer over the phone lessons/skype lessons as available, If you have high level in CHESS-contact me!!!!
Regards @Hilddea ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯


How does the "club to level up the rating of the members" work actually?