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Anyone Else Having App Issues Tonight?

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    I try to log in via the iPhone app, and it won't let me. Tells me that it can't create my account, but I'm not trying to create an account. I am choosing the "log in" option, not the "sign up" option. I've restarted my phone. I've shut down and reloaded the app. Anyone else having issues? 


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    Maybe your account got CLOSED! surprise.png


    jk. I'm not having those issues...

  • #3

    @EOGuel, you're probably right. I got busted for cheating. That's why my rating is a whopping 1400. :-D 

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    How do you cheat online🤔
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    @Charlie_Moore Yeah, probably not something anyone could easily do. ;-) 

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    My app was working this morning, thankfully. 


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