desktop client?

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    i also want desktop client because i have a slow connection of internet it would be better if we have desktop client please make one

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    Work, yes. But it would at least help to bring the site current with the sites from '95. :) does charge more than ICC afterall.

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    Tha twould be cool. And if the team is not ready to put lots of effort on it because they don't know if the effort vs usage will be good, why not make it free software. By free software, I mean software under GPL so that everyone can contribute to it.

    I'm a programmer, I could help to develop that with the community. 

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    They don't want to use a chess client, my guess is because the player would not have to see all the ads.

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       Desktop Client?Undecided  You mean like the Uma high 5 commercial?                                                            

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    @chasmc: The client could be ad-supported.


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    JENO31 wrote:

    i also want desktop client because i have a slow connection of internet it would be better if we have desktop client please make one


    Now, that's the funniest thing I read this week.

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    I just found out in the past few days, how to make my experience much faster and more reliable, and get rid of the problem of my clock "running out of time" when it looked like my opponents' clocks were ticking instead. This caused me to lose games. So, after several years as an unpaid member, I upgraded to a paid membership, just to see if my problems would go away, and voila!  My problems disappeard, just like magic!!!

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    chasmc, what does that have to do with a desktop client?

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    Start Chrome with the --kiosk flag.  Presto!  Desktop client.

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    skreyola, it says that i don't need a desktop client after i become a paying member, because the issue has gone away.

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    How about simply conforming to an existing desktop chess client, say, Babbas Chess (my favorite)?  Development costs and time should be minimal that way.  It's what FICS does.  I love the choice of interfaces with that set up.

    And, oh, yes, definitely count me among those strongly favoring a desktop client.




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    Starting your browser in kiosk mode doesn't make it less of a browser or more of a desktop client. It's the difference between a fan-built GameBoy emulator and an actual GameBoy.Thus, that comment is not helpful to the discussion.

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    Ive tryied to play blitz on and it reminded me of 1995 with my  USrobotic Sporster 28kbit/s.

    I guess that blitz chess is a saturated market anyway.

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    Hope to see client

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    Any news for this?

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    There was one. I played in it several times. It disappear. Erik told people "desktop is crap, long live to web-based"

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    Rainer78 wrote:

    Any news for this?

    Yes, they aren't working on it

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    Sad, so much potenial. Not only connection stability but also keeping your games in local folders for easy review. Dont really understand why they put all resources into skinning, its not like everyone use for free so they should at least check what their subscribers prefer.

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