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Disconection and account restriction.

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       First of all, sorry for my English. Today I played a game, opponent disconect when he was losing, and there was a note that he might have violeted your Fair Play policy. I blocked that user, and that's it. But then, when I saw his member page, there was a numerous complainings from other members that he was doing that thing for 16 months, all the time. So, when are you going to restrict his account, when it's obvious that he is not fair player?

       Thank you, and keep up the good work. dr Alcofribas

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    Well three things, I know you ment this question for chess.com I know but they don't have enough time to look at all of the questions so I'll do my best to answer it for you.  I'm not sure where but I am almost posative that chess.com has a place that you can report members.  If you do this then they will go check his page and be like, "YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  This guy has been doing this for a long time?!?!?!?!"  Then they will ban him for a while if not forever. One more thing, don't be embarrised about you english.  It is totally fine.

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    Thank you for your quick and precise answer ClockBurner. I'm probably not going to report him, his not cheating, and I assume there is some kind of automatic alert, which will bring Chess.com atention to him eventually, thinking that fair play is one of the most important thing in chess. Also, thanks for the encouragment regarding my English.

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    yah no problom, I would report him, not just sit around and wait for him to be reported.  Becuase if everyone thinks that someone else will report him then he will neever get reported by everyone.  And sadly even though it says that "the unfiar play has been noted" (or something like that) chess.com dosn't actually see those that much sadly.  And about the English, I forgot that you were worried about that until I read "Also, thanks for the encouragment regarding my English."  I truly didn't even remember!  Keep up the good work in chess and English!

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    i have been disconected in win situation and lost because of abonded by chesscom in my time viollating  my fairplay!

    this is not fair!!! this is bullshit by chesscom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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