Fantasy Premier League (FPL Chess)


I saw a post this morning, dated 2008, where people were asking for an FPL site for the chess community.  Well I happen to have one, and currently have 780 players in it, of which anyone from this site is naturally invited.  I'm sure some of your members are in my league already.   My web site is but you would enrol at and after picking your team you'd click on 'Leagues' and enter the code 2034507-3334 in public leagues.  The season is well under way already, so you could wait until next season or join now and just have fun with it - see if you fancy having a go for next season.  You'd be very welcome.


My history of chess is not spectacular, at all.  I played against my teachers at school but only ended up very (very) average; however, I did once, over three days, win twelve games of chess on the World Championship chess board.  Garry Kasparov, and Anatoly Karpov were playing at the Park Lane Hotel in 1986, and I was Night Security/House Detective.  OK, so I had to use my own pieces, but it was on the very chess board and Garry and Anatoly played on during the day.  Of course, I only played against the night porters and cleaners...  but I did get to speak to Anatoly Karpov.  He asked me where the toilet was! happy.png