Fortnight Speed Vote League Season 2


The FSVL plays Vote Chess at 10-mins per turn.  These games are incredibly intense, exciting, and addictive.  We are registering teams for Season 2 now.

For all information regarding the Fortnight Speed Vote League, visit the HQ (anyone can join the group, even if you're not in one of the teams competing - it's fun to follow along too):


The next season will start on October 19th.  The schedule will be posted by October 5th.  Any team who wishes to compete in Season 2 needs to let me know before October 1st, since that is when I'm going to start working on the new schedule.

Any team in Season 1 automatically gets first dibbs on returning for Season 2 of course, but a number of teams have already withdrawn and/or chosen not to return which leaves room for new teams to join.  There is also the possibility of expansion (25 or 30 teams instead of 20 - as long as it's a multiple of 5 we'll be good).

Here are the teams that have expressed an interest in filling the vacant spots:

1.  Burning Pawns - (wilt18)

2.  Chess Maniacs - (jrcolonial98)

3.  International Chess Masters - (GeniusKJ)

4.  The Ultimate Alliance - (ShiViChess)

5.  The Three Kingdoms - (ShiViChess)

6.  The Red Army - (Manchero)

7.  We Chat Global - (blackfirestorm666)

8.  Super Troopers - (DannyDawson)

9.  Cheers - (Leth)


Here are the teams from Season 1 that will be returning for Season 2:

1.  The Dark Knights - (Billium248)

2.  Kairav's Chess Masters - (GeniusKJ)

3.  Chess Nuts - (Chess_Kebabs)

4.  Chess Empire - (Kacparov)

5.  Animal Lovers - (Billium248)

6.  The Premiere of All - (Val08)

7.  Fast Players Group - (mthinker)

8.  The Power of Chess - (Komoliddin07)

9.  Rapid Chess - (johanpalmaer)

10.  Team Antartica - (Rooperi

11.  Wizards of Oz - (Rab63)

12.  Chess Unlimited - (Jaller435718)


And here are the Season 1 Teams that may or may not return (haven't heard from them yet):

1.  The Blakenators - (Ironworks)

2.  Supreme Pawns - (legodood)

3.  Chess & Cola Club - (RedSoxpawn)


And finally, the Season 1 teams who will NOT be playing in Season 2:

1.  The Best

2.  Chess Friends for Friends

3.  Chess Team Holland

4.  Team Benelux "de Leeuwen"

5.  Narz's People


All the teams in bold have played a Speed Vote game to completion.  The other teams have yet to qualify.  If you would like your team to be taken seriously, please show that your team can go the distance by finishing a Vote Game at 10-minutes per turn (preferably against one of the other teams that have yet to qualify as well). 

Season 1 was a blast!!!  Looking forward to an even better Season 2!!


Thanx William for giving all the details.

A Request!

Is there any link that can be followed to view how Season 1 prgressed, I mean which teams played, which did not and how is the position right now?

Just like the (standings) chart that we see for every tournament of Individual Games...... if we have it already in some forum topic, can you plz let us know?


Very true Babs!!  Very true!!  Cool

There are still 3 games and 4 teams left in Season 1: The 2 Semi-Final Games, and the Final Championship Game!!  All 3 games promise to be very exciting!!


Nabeel - you can find all the info on how the season progressed in the League Headquarters:

As Babs said, there are still 3 games left, so the Top 4 positions have yet to be determined, but here are the indivdual forum threads with the current standings and breakdowns:


Thank you very much William and WOW ...... you have been realy busy with the league management. You have done some serious work. Good Luck to you buddy. Smile.