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    I would like to translate chess.com app to Turkish Smile

    P.s.: Native Turkish speaker

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    VULPES_VULPES wrote:

    Could one propose Esperanto?

    Kompreneble, sed kiel rapide?

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    Lobster62 wrote:
    VULPES_VULPES wrote:

    Could one propose Esperanto?

    Kompreneble, sed kiel rapide?

    Ne rapide, mi pensas.

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    Russian translation of this site takes some balls, really it's laughable

    How could anyone came up with idea to translate Live Chess as "
    Живые шахматы" first what does to mind is "do they talk, eat, sleep, goes to work and pee?"

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    Openings       >>>Show All Friends??<<<

    I dont know, you may write something like "List everything" "Показать вcе" or "Show full list" "Показать весь список" but please get this out of my eyes!

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    I hope someone can translate Traditional Chinese, requested the experts to assist.

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    I can translate Korean and Japanese and and already submitted the google text for translation but there's no answer...-.- If you are concerned about payment i am very willing to consider. I'm korean and I am very fluent with Japanese too!!!

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    I translated it into traditional chinese.

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    I want you help you translate chess.com in croatian. Most of chess translate from english to croatian are horrible because the translators were not chess players and they do not understand chess termins. That is the reason why Kasparov's  book "How Life Imitates Chess" is practicli unreadable for any chess player. Good example is book "Bobby Fischer goes to war" because the GM Vlado kovačević work on translation.

    So I want play chess on chess.com, but I don't want to read bad translation of chess termins. (e. g. king indian defence in Kasparov's book were translated as The defence of king's indians, like we are on wild west).

    If you are interested for my help, please contact me by my message Inbox.

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    The staff is right in that it discourages the use of Google Translate or Bing Translator for its needs. These tools are still very unsafe.   

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