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    I can translate into kazakh.

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    Submitted another Dutch translation. I used "Aanmelden" as well instead of "Inloggen". The first is a literal translation, the second does probably make more sense to most people though, since "Aanmelden" can also be interpreted as signing up, rather than signing in.

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    I can help you with Portuguese

  • #44

    Hello!! i can translate in hebrew and russian!

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    thanks - sorry, we can't support all languages quite yet!

  • #46

    Could help with german and french.

  • #47

    no arabic language (it isnot fair)

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    I can help if there is a Filipino (Philippines national language) there.

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    What about Arabic more than (300) Millions speaks it in ME alone

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    mi a bajotok ?

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    My native language is french

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    Boring304 wrote:

    what about hebrew?

     גם ערבית לא ברשימה. החליטו לדפוק ת'מזרח התיכון כולו בעסקת חבילה נייטרלית  Wink

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    serbian language?

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    no TAGALOG? I can help you with that...a lot of Filipinos here and would be great if our native language is included.

  • #55

    I've submitted my translations to spanish. Good luck with that.

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    I helped in portuguese, but is brazilian portuguese not portugal portuguese. I don´t know if it is what you want

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    Okay, but there is no Filipino up there. The Filipino language is Tagalog.

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    arabic language

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    izak_G wrote:


     I speak as much as "mai nam is calum" :-)


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