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How do I report abuse?

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    I recently played a tournament, and I lost against a user with rating 1500+. Actually his rating was 200 less than mine. But this is not all and may happen. From the start of a game, he was thinking after each move (in 5 min blitz) even in the first and second and third moves. I suspect that he uses openning book and because of this he has latency. I saw that among many players with rating 1700+ he won the tournament. I almost sure that he was engine cheater, as otherwise he just had one easy lose against another lower rated user. I really don't know why someone should use engine in the live chess? The rating points or badges are not that important. If we playing here is just because we want to play with human as otherwise everyone has chess engine to play with it. By the way I want to report him. But I cannot find a way for report. What can I do?


    P.S: this is a guy that I played with him. (I didn't play very well but he played excellent).


    And this is a game:



    These are some other amazing games of him in that tournament:





    He won 5 consecutive games in that tournament against 1700 and 1800+ players. Right after the tournament he played a game with someone 1600 and lost, that means he is professional cheater.

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    @harryz, Yeah, Specially if you check games he won all of them by resignation. I mean no win on time. While we, as a normal player in range 1700-1800, many time are winning on time with similar rating guys or higher or lower rated guys. But he won because he was in master level. Thanks for your information.


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