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How do you become an official Chess.com staff?

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    Hey, there is a lot of staff in this site. Just wondering how these people got the job.

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    I don't know too! Maybe they help a lot and help in the " Help and support" chatroom!

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    Please answer someone!!!

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    What does this got to do with it?

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    Stigmatisert wrote:
    Psy_Junior wrote:

    What does this got to do with it?

    Listen to what the cartoon-characters say, and you'll understand.

    OBS. There are some forum-poster impersonalizing moderators. Don't believe everyone you meet here.

    "impersonating"... no offense/insult at all, I realize English isn't your first language - just helping.

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    Any more information anyone?

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    Just like you get any job, you apply.

    Also I'm guessing you'd have to be at least 18 years old.

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    Kill one of em and you pass the test.Smile

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    One prerequisite for becoming a Staff member is being a member of the site for at least 6 months.

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    Likhit1 wrote:

    Kill one of em and you pass the test.

    Year, very funny. But that is not the real answer.

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    I want to ask FisherofKings.

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    Why him?

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    Who is puff and stuff?

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    Likhit1 wrote:

    Kill one of em and you pass the test.

    You're thinking about Klingon warcruisers (or the Star Trek alternate universe), where you rise in rank through assassinating the next level of command.


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    Much like immortals, there can be only one - so you have to kill one when you meet them. Then you absorb their power and live on ad infinitum.

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    Zen_Headbutt wrote:



    Every parent has the right to know that Vince_R is a perv when it comes to children under the age of thirteen.

    I have caught Vince_R trying to solicit my 12-year-old son on Chess.com. He has asked on numbers of occasions asked for my sons email and asked if my son wanted to visit him. He has often played with the idea of adopting my 12-year-old son. What a SICKO!

    I am furious! I have reported this case to Perverted Justice and they are filing a case against him right now.


    You be the judge. You cannot ignore evidence.



    Chess.com is a place where people come to play chess. Stop this man from Internet Luring and Solicitation!




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