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how to get my free premium membership??

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    signed up where?? at chess.com email ??

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    Lockridge wrote:

    signed up where? at chess.com e mail?

    It would have been automatic when you logged into chess.com after receiving the email. Otherwise, there wasn't anything that you could do.

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    sorry, i see the confusion.  i mean i went to the website for the first time in my life and started an account.  i may have actually done it using the chess.com iphone app, but regaurdless.  when i created my account it gave me a trial premium membership for a week without actaully do anything to get it.  does that make sense?

    perhaps i misunderstood your initial question. 

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    hi how can i be a free premium member?

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    You cannot alaul3g.

    This site randomly offer a trial free membership to allow free membership to "taste" the premium features. You have to be lucky, but there's nothing you can do to ask a free premium trial.

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    This is a most common opening trap.

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    i need to improve badly i am in 1900 rating,i need one or 2 months of premium.anyone out there to help a bro out?


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