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How to organize a round robin here online?

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    What is the best way to organize a double round robin here.

    My attempt: I did a 5 player with 5 per group tournament but had to advance one as zero was not a choice. Will number 2 and 3 get a second and third place recognition?


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    If you do a 5 player with 5 per group then the 1 to advance is actually the winner since there will only be 1 round. However, by default, the online tournaments (correspondence) are double round robin. You play each player, once as white and once as black. The main decision is if you want both games to start at once or only one game per opponent at a time (so 4 games at a time or 8).

    In order for there to be recognition of 2nd and 3rd place you need at least 9 players. http://www.chess.com/tournaments/help#winner

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    I think tournaments have to be above a certain size in order to recognize second and third place.

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    Martin thank you that looks very helpfull. I will try this format next time. People seem to like the double round robin format, and limiting the rating range made it () a great experience.


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