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If you had to bet BIG MONEY.

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    Who wins WC for 2012?

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    How much money we talkin? Wink

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    I haven't decided yet.

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    Whose ten grand?  No way I'm bettin' my own ten grand on the outcome of something upon which I have no impact.

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    I said if you had to.

  • #7

    Yeah, but where the hell am I gonna' get ten grand?

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    Better make 'er ten bucks, Mit.

  • #9

    Lil cheap, don't you think poison?

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    big poison wrote:

    Yeah, but where the hell am I gonna' get ten grand?

    Jesus Christ! I just wanted to know who you thinks going to win it!

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    bigpoison wrote:

    Yeah, but where the hell am I gonna' get ten grand?

    Yeah, there is no way I can come up with $10,000. I guess woodshover thinks everyone is rich.

  • #12

    I could come up with 10 grand, Woody, but I'm not going to.

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    And another thing, woodshover, you shouldn't be soliciting such huge bets from us poor people. Just because I don't have that kind of money you don't have make fun of me. A more inclusive amount, like one dollar, seems fairLaughing

  • #14

    It's a little insensitive, Woody.

  • #15

    Okay, bet a buck.

  • #16

    It's like poor people don't have valid opinions on conflagration planetLaughing

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    Conflagration_Planet wrote:

    Okay, bet a buck.

    Where am I going to come up with a dollar? I don't see why I have to pay you to give my opinion on the outcome of the match? Is the money going to charity?

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    It's Monday and payday is like two weeks away; $10 seems like big money right about now.  I guess I'd throw it away on Anand, since the Mossad is too busy with other concerns to make sure Gelfand wins.  Not that they'd interfere anyway, of course.

  • #19

    Maybe woodshover is funneling money through his fake charity, to the Mossad? Woodshover has acted suspiciously ever since this thread started.

  • #20

    Yeah, and I don't remember him ever disclosing any ties to the Mossad?  He probably will now that we've forced this information into the open, but why the lack of transparency from the beginning?

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