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Kids on chess.com

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    kaynight wrote:

    You cannot be a 10th grader if you are only 12...

    Tell that to Doogie Howser.

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    Don't you have to be fourteen to be on chess.com if you are under fourteen you should be on chesskid? and really who cares? give them a chance then move on.  

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    So you waited looong 5 minutes because your opponent left? Is that your only criteria to tell you are playing a kid? Actually only 1st and 2nd graders would argue on a level like that.


    A lot of user here act like kids, some are really kids and some just act like that. I don't know what applies to you, but actually it doesn't matter at all.

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    i hope waiting five minutes will kill you. 

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    TargetPoint wrote:
    Excuse me! I don't run when I'm about to lose!!! If ya don't know, Challenge me!!!

    Stop... bumping...year-old...threads!!!!!!1

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    What's wrong with kids on chess.com?

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    I'm 11 and the only reason I go here is because there are more challenging players here.

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    R u Jerry Li

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    kids & bunnies have rights too.  so there.


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    fish need to play too.  stockfish has done them proud.


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    well you just have to wiat !!

    it only 2% of kids playing against anyone its not a big deal

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    iamdave220 wrote:
    the_chess_zebra wrote:

    Why are kids allowed on chess.com?  They don't play well and they run away when they are about to lose.  I had to sit over 5 minutes because the little runt got scared and left.

    If kids are allowed to play, then chess.com needs to restrict them to matches with other kids. 

    I don't come here to waste my time babysitting!!!

    Get your rating up and you won't have to play with them. Unsportsmanlike conduct will occasionally be an issue at all levels of the game though. Thread over.

    Yeah I am a kid and I and low-rated

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    Agree with QueenGM18, it is not good to generalize. Op should try playing the kids at my club, there are several under 12 who have rating over 1600 OTB ( which is a lot stronger than 1600 online). And some adults have worse sportsmanship than kids; all of the kids I play against have been courteous to me whether they win or lose.

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    OP is just mad cause bad LUL gonext 

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    I think it's unfair that you should say that about most kids. For heck sake I had an older player waste 10 minutes of a game cause he knew he was losing. Also resigning cause u can see you at losing is done by a lit of ppl- kids and adults. Even me. Deal with it

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    This thread should be moved to Chesskids.com

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    the_chess_zebra wrote:

    I am not a grumpy old man.

    Ok, you are No grumpy old man.

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