Lawyers Loving Chess ("LLC") Group


I have met several lawyers and legal professionals on  I thought it might be fun to have a group for attorneys, legal assistants, legal secretaries, court reporters, judges, law enforcement, or people who have a desire to to be around these types of folks.

Come by, join and let's enjoy a great game on a great site. 

Tim Quinlan

ID: insidemagic


Here is a link to the group.  Sorry about leaving it out of the initial post.


- Tim


I think law students (lowly or not) should be welcome to LLC group.  Welcome.  I have to set up some tournaments to get this group from the sidelines and onto the astroturf.  Invite your legal-oriented friends to check it out.


Thanks everyone.




where's the link


Hi, is still there any group like this??


With all due respect to law enforcement, if you accept them, you have to accept law students. Law enforcement just make arrests and issue citations; they don’t know the law and they’re not expected too. That’s why we have courts, courts of appeals, and the president/governors (clemency/amnesty/commutation/pardons).