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Let's have a forum survey

  • #1

    Do you

    A-Randomly spam the forum with comments

    B-Post after reading the topic and give constructive thoughts

    C-Post whenever you are bored doing chess

    D- Try to post articles with clean, actually appropriate information




    You can choose more than one and 


     Yes, I know it's so hard isn't it??? Cool

  • #2

    If you think there should be more choices choose your choice that you want to add and why...


    If it is reasonable I will add it

  • #3

    B and C.

  • #4

    Now is that honest?

  • #5

    I never post in forums. Can you add that as an option?

  • #6

    B, C, and D.Laughing

  • #7

    Now, if you never post on forums what is that post now rich34788?

  • #8

    no, I'm sorry lycan those posts are A Tongue out

  • #9
    jerry2468 wrote:

    no, I'm sorry lycan those posts are A 

    ok then,i'm a,c and d!

  • #10

    I am a B (read 1st post before commenting), C (usually visit the forums when I have no moves), D (post articles whenever I have time)


  • #11

    Gee, I wonder which one you picked, Jerry.Undecided

  • #12

    I try to do B wherever I can.   Sometimes D too.

    Although not much can be added to this to be constructive.

    You forgot E - post in order to antagonise anyone who posts, finding fault in everyone besides self, refusing to listen to anything said without being aggressive or retalitory.

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    I like chili

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    I put one or two Habaneros from the garden in my pots of chili.

    Also good for stir fry and curry...refried beans...etcetera.

  • #20

    B and E (by BorgQueen)

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