Lettre ouverte à tous. Letter for all of chess.com


Bonjour à tous, amis, STAFF, SA, Admis, Joueurs.

En date d'du samedi 3 février 2013, la situation de personnes de ma famille, s'aggravant plus encore, je suis dans l'obligation d'informer les personnes citées ci-dessus, que je passerai très peu de temps, à ma passion " Chess et FICS ".

Quelques personnes,  seront déçues et je comprends. Mais comme je connais leur intelligence du cœur, ils ne me tiendront pas rigueur. Concernant les autres je prie pour qu'ils ne vivent pas ce que nous vivons en ce moment. Paix pour tous.

Mais ce n'est que momentané, je l'espère. Et beaucoup de ceux qui se gaussent que ma note soit en chute libre, je les connais, et je ne manquerai dès que possible, les défier et les battre sur l'échiquier.

Concernant le Staff, je continuerai à supporter chess.com, car heureusement des gens désirent améliorer nos connaissances, Je rends hommage à tous ceux qui désirent, commerce ou pas, la généralisation de ce jeu.

Je vous remercie tous, que la paix et l'amour soit sur vous tous.


Philippe Cheminant.


Hello everyone, friends, STAFF, SA, Administrators, Players.

In date of Saturday, February 3, 2013, the situation of people of my family, worsening more still, I am in the obligation to inform the people quoted above, whom I will spend very little time, with my passion “Chess et FICS”.

Some people will be disappointed and I understand. But as I know their intelligence of the heart, they will not hold me rigor. Concerning the others I request so that they do not live what we live currently. Peace for all.

.But it is only temporary, I hope for it. And much of those which mock that my note is in freefall, I know them, and I will not miss as soon as possible, to defy them and beat them on the chess-board.

.Concerning Staff, I will continue to support chess.com, because fortunately people wish to improve our knowledge, I pay homage to all those which do wish, trade or not, the generalization of this game.

I thank you all, that peace and the love are on you all.


Philippe Cheminant.


Qu'est-ce qui passé?


Pour être complètement franc, ma mère ayant un cancer se généralisant avec la dernière métastase de 8cm dans le cerveau, fut opérée il y à presque 2 ans. Malgré ces 23 opérations chirurgicales, à 73 ans son autonomie était déjà très faible. Et Samedi soir alors que nous devions nous réunir en famille, en revenant des faire quelques courses, elle est tombée... Résultat immobilisation totale, tété de l'humérus cassée du bras droit, multiples contusions….. Elle habite au 5eme étage, et vit seule depuis le décès de mon père et de son conjoint. N'ayant plus la possibilité de réaliser les choses les habituelles, ma femme et moi, ainsi que mes trois sœurs, devront en attendant que les administrations réagissent, et nous l'aideront au maximum. Je passerai sur les détails.

Nous prions tous pour son rétablissement, la science lui vient en aide tous les jours. Restons optimiste.


To be completely frank, my mother having a cancer spreading with the last metastasis of 8cm in the brain, was operated it there at almost 2 years. In spite of these 23 surgical operations, at 73 years its autonomy was already very weak. And Saturday evening whereas we must meet in family, while returning from making some races, it fell… Total immobilization result, sucked of the humerus broken of the right-hand man, multiple contusions ..... She lives on the 5th floor, and lives alone since the death of my father and joint sound. Not having more the possibility of carrying out the things the usual ones, my wife and me, like my three sisters, will have while waiting for that the administrations react, and will help it to us to the maximum. I will pass on the details.We request all for his re-establishment, science comes to him to the rescue the every day. Let us remain optimistic.


Cancer is terrible.  You have my sympathies.


Hi there, can I help you a bit?  Two ways -I think I can help make the French translation can be a little easier to read and I can pray with you- here goes -

"To be completely frank, my mother has a spreading cancer which is in the last stages of metastisation.  The last growth was 8cm in length. The cancer is in the brain stem.  It was operated on throughout the last two years, for a total of 23 surgeries.  Her system was weakened because she is 73 years old.  Saturday night we were all planning to get together as a family, coming back from some classes, and she fell.  She was totally immobilized from the fall, the right arm was broken at the top of the right elbow, and she suffered many bruises.  She lives on the 5th floor, alone since the death of his father and her husband.  She is no longer able to carry out the normal daily routines so he and his wife, with his three sisters, while waiting for the hospital administration to form an action plan and put it into place to care for her, have stepped in to help as much as possible.  He will pass on the updates.  We all pray for full rehabilitation.  Science comes to our aid with its daily advances.  We ask for full healing.  Remain hopeful."


I join you and your sisters in prayer for you.  May Christ also comfort you and give you strength and peace.  Be sure to take care of yourself as you focus on caring for your mother.  I know firsthand how easy it is to neglect your own health and rest, etc. when caring for a sick person that you love.  God be with you. 


Thank you for your Prayers, this is important for our family. Thanks for better translation. Xthread, mbc1 thanks for your help again.


Courage mon ami...

Je suis de tout coeur avec toi...!!


Bonjour et merci à tous.