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Live Chess Ratings

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    http://www.2700chess.com/ Welcome to Live Chess Ratings

    Enjoy observing top chess players compete and monitor their rank after every chess game they play!

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    thx for sharing

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    Topalov lost and #9 now   www.2700chess.com

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    Now you can see not only live chess ratings, but also live rank changes as well! Kamsky moved from #18 to #14 etc

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    Jobava won another game in Ukraine Club Championship and jumped already from #36 to #25 since May, 1 according to www.2700chess.com and. Carry on, Baadur!

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    Meantime we have one more 2700+ guy according to www.2700chess.com It's 20 years old Le Quang Liem from Vietnam. Moreover, if he holds today against Ivanchuk he will win his first super tournamnet in Havana (Capablanca Memorial)

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    Ivanchuk (#4 now) caught Kramnik, and Nakamura #6 in the world these days. Both Ivanchuk and Nakamura, also Carlsen and Karjakin will play in Romania since June, 11

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    French League has started, and we do not 40 players in 2700 list anymore. See 2700chess.com for details and games.

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    Pavel Eljanov from Ukraine left 2700 list Frown , but Alexander Moiseenko from Ukraine arrived Laughing to top 2700 chess players. Congratulations!!!

    Games, PGN, and more details can be found at www.2700chess.com Cool

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    LIVE GAMES section is added. Kramnik should gain 7 points more and he is 2800 guy again! Laughingwww.2700chess.com

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    "Statistics and details" is added (magnifier). Ivanchuk is close to his personal highest rating - 2787. A lot of 2700+ games today Laughing

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    Excellent site!

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    Very cool site! I can see all the 2700 level games i want from the last year.


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