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  • #1 Welcome to Live Chess Ratings

    Enjoy observing top chess players compete and monitor their rank after every chess game they play!

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    thx for sharing

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    Topalov lost and #9 now

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    Now you can see not only live chess ratings, but also live rank changes as well! Kamsky moved from #18 to #14 etc

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    Jobava won another game in Ukraine Club Championship and jumped already from #36 to #25 since May, 1 according to and. Carry on, Baadur!

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    Meantime we have one more 2700+ guy according to It's 20 years old Le Quang Liem from Vietnam. Moreover, if he holds today against Ivanchuk he will win his first super tournamnet in Havana (Capablanca Memorial)

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    Ivanchuk (#4 now) caught Kramnik, and Nakamura #6 in the world these days. Both Ivanchuk and Nakamura, also Carlsen and Karjakin will play in Romania since June, 11

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    French League has started, and we do not 40 players in 2700 list anymore. See for details and games.

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    Pavel Eljanov from Ukraine left 2700 list Frown , but Alexander Moiseenko from Ukraine arrived Laughing to top 2700 chess players. Congratulations!!!

    Games, PGN, and more details can be found at Cool

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    LIVE GAMES section is added. Kramnik should gain 7 points more and he is 2800 guy again!

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    "Statistics and details" is added (magnifier). Ivanchuk is close to his personal highest rating - 2787. A lot of 2700+ games today Laughing

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    Excellent site!

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    Very cool site! I can see all the 2700 level games i want from the last year.

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