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Maurice Ashley takes on New York City Chess Hustler

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          GM Maurice Ashley, with a camera filming on the side, took on an unsuspecting chess hustler years back.   After getting thoroughly handled, the hustler did a quick slight of the hand cheating trick and thought he could get two pieces in one move.  Maurice said "Nay".

           Most have probably seen this, but for those who haven't, enjoy!

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    ha ha


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    cardrift wrote:

    ha ha



    @ 1:12   Sukumar, don't get funky!!!

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    ready watched that

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    Pawn taking both knights double exclam!! rofl

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    this was real art of cheating .not just smash the piece of the board instead play it like a legal move

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    You can see him testing Maurice early but Maurice calls him out on it "did you touch my piece". 

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    these are the winter games these are the winter games - you know what im referring to? lol

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    heheh... gotta love it John! you see his video w/ the kindergarten class? In any case, I'll post it in a bit if I can figure out the link here:-)

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    Haha.  Nope, I've never seen the kindergarten class one.  You'll have to post that.


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