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Need to buy platinum...

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    Hi, I wanna buy a 1 month platinum membership using my brazilian debit MasterCard, which says "International" atop of it, but I'm starting to doubt about it.

    What are the in-site alternatives which I can try to successfully acquire the membership?

    And what do I need to tell the bank, ocasionally, if the problem isn't chess.com?

    Thanks for any help on that matter!

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    Oops?! We noticed the following errors in your form:

    • The provided card number appears invalid.
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    you can always put a ticket into staff and they will probably find a way for you. and if it gets messed up, the owner Erik will make it right...!

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    Hum... I bought the diamond membership with my credit card too and it worked (says international on it too). As for the ticket, go for it! Chess.com is one of the few places on earth I can say: "They'll take care."

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    thank you all! (:

    mine is debit, so I guess it's a bit complicated.

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    any wallmarts down there ? can you not go and buy a prepaid credit card ? 

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    I think wallmart only rules supermarkets here..

    I'll try and make a card from my bank acc. 

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