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new sounds lin Live Chess

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    I notice there are new sounds in Live Chess. Have to say I don''t like them- they sound hollow compared to the old sounds - and the ticking clock is just annoying.

    Don't fix what wasn't broken

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    Thank you for your feedback. We value member feedback as it helps to direct the way in which the website develops. Also, please note that in the "settings" tab there is an option to enable or disable sounds so that you do not hear any sounds during the game.

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    A ticking clock doesn't bother me in the least. I play with an old fashioned wind up chess clock all the time so I am used to hearing 'tick' 'tock' 'tick' 'tock' in my ear constantly. I do agree that the new sounds are kind of hollow sounding,but I quit paying attention to the sounds after the first 3 or 4 moves anyway as I am lost in thought. I do think they should concentrate on the bigger issues members have with Live Chess right now instead of wasting time tweaking with the sound. I personally would like to play a game over 5 min. without having to wonder if I am gonna get disconnected. I understand that they are working on this,but it is a little annoying when you log on to Live Chess everyday for months and see the message stating " we are working to make Live Chess fast and stable" then the improvement that everyone gets is new sounds that were not neccesary in the first place.

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    yeah. we'll get this fixed asap. we tried to get it done right, but didn't get all the way there :)

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    it's a little thing - but one of the nice aspects of chess.com is the attention to detail.

    I know I can turn off the sounds - but I liked they old sounds/like sounds indicating moves. The new sounds are harsher and sound hollow: like hitting a hard board/table in an empty room. The old sounds were softer - like felt-bottomed pieces. I can live with it but it detracts from the experience.

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    The new Seek graph is cool but the new sounds are, well...

    Old ones were better Smile

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    yep. reverting soon.

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    Bring old sounds back please, I beg.


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