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Petition to let sacsacm8 back

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    @Sacsacm8 was a valued and wonderful member. Many of us miss her, but there are the few who don't. If you don't, I request that you leave. Thank you. Now on to the members who miss her, and hopefully the mods: This is a petition to get her back. I am not making this merely to get people to say, sacsacm was great and she didn't cheat. There is no way to prove if she did or not. Although I do have reasons to why she should have another chance, so hear me out, please.
    First of all, I need to acknowledge that the rules had been broken. I personally believe sacsac to be innocent, but that is of no signifigance for what I'm about to say. She was banned for elegidly sand bagging, a serious offense. But, what about @Ofgeniuskind? He was banned for the same thing, to my knowledge. Yet you let him back after a day or so. You say you are a forgiving site, but only give second chances to certain members? The first time she was banned was a misunderstanding. Letting her back for that isn't giving a second chance, it's taking back an unjust punishment.
    If you agree with me, say so in the comments below and I will add you to the give Sacsac a second chance petition below. Although this thread will most likely be locked, for reasons you all know. Thank you for your time, (Except the sacsac haters who read this even though I asked them not to,) and have a nice day.

    List of members who want sacsac back so far:


























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    In my experience petitions never go well...

    But for the sake of sacsac im in

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     Thank you for your help!

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    Me. I guess.

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      You too! grin.png

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    Can I be the hype man?

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     What? o.o

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    yo tambien

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    I'll sign


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    I'm in.✋️👍

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      Great! I'll email it to chess.com support.

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    not yet

    we need moar

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    MagikKnight21 wrote:

    not yet

    we need moar

    I agree.

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      Okay, I'll wait a bit.

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    me sign

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    I will sign as well!

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    Destroyer_Mark_1420 wrote:
    You were going to give it one without me? :(

    Yeah I was wondering about your name.


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