Play Economy Chess in the ECONOMY CHESS group!


Recently the game Economy Chess was added to the downloads. Its a free chessvariant that takes the space of the board into account.

You can download the game here:

Unfortunatly there is no AI, so join our group in order to play the game against other people. The group is found here:

You can read a blog about the game & strategy here:

For rules & an example game see this video:  

Complete information about rules and settings can be read here: 

Join the group & the fun! :) 


Economy Chess explained in 2 minutes + a testgame.


Next friday a rematch is played between me (rating 1050 and dropping) and Boletus_CZ (rating 2007).

This time however I will get a little help from mr Houdini 1.5! This does not garantuee anything as houdini doesnt understand economy and doesnt expect new pieces, but hopefully that is where I come into play :)

I will make a video out of the game and post it in the group.