Playing chess using keyboard


It seems to me I can make my move and it's there and I can see it. It doesn't accept the move until I click "submit" or cancel it. . .

But I'm using a KINDEL pad. I set it to verify the move . . .



Yes I can't understand why this isn't a thing / priority; real geeks prefer to use keyboards over mice for EVErything. Because of RSI and being able to make moves just with notation on the keyboard would make people so much faster, and vastly reduce this kind of injury.

I even asked a grandmaster if they thought we should be able to use keyboard only for moves in one of his live games lol


I used to play on keyboard a lot back in FICS days, when my mouse was broken.

Surely if you are using a keyboard, that will cost you a lot of
time if your playing “ Bullet “ 🤷‍♂️

I would like to point out, that if this feature existed, it would be easier to implement voice recognition moves.


I am a person with 3 kids that grew up with pcs and video games, I think most of these people  under 35 have no idea the RSI that they are in for judging from bullet and blitz chess.

I did have it several years ago, and stopped playing the game that was activating it which was very mouse heavy.

Then in February this year I got it from puzzle rush again. Another good reason to chill on that activity. xD These guys are in for a world of pain which could stop them playing speed chess if they all keep ignoring the need for keyboard input which I think spreads the workload around way better.

Remember you can map your keys, so can spread the load very evenly over all hand muscles like the best typists in the world.

Great to hear it would be good for blind and motor impaired players @afbdreds, as often change comes from what is best for the minorities; because what is a negligible difference to a large group can be a Huge difference to an impaired membership. It's not like we are asking for it to be black or white it just seems logical that it is important to introduce the keyboard input OPTION asap.


It's not the best look for to ignore all this really. You need to look like you are run by geeks that really know what they are doing! And like I said ALL uber geeks seem to prefer keyboard commands for everything whether it is a traditional keyboard right through to an ergonomic glove with keyboard buttons on it.


You won't see many uber geeks playing competitive shooters on keyboard only.

The keyboard option sounds cool but for certain modes it would be totally unplayable (bullets and even faster things under one minute).


Lucky we're not talking about FPS then eh ; )




I actually think I could play with keyboard moves in bullet as I haven't been playing chess very long it would be easier to recallibrate myself. I'd even learn exactly where the numbers are without having to look! 

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This feature is available on - just saying:

It is actually quite nice to think about moves in terms of their notations, An habit that is not enforced while playing only with a mouse.




bumpetty bump bump, I wish for this at least every week, definitely yesterday in Live. Every week we don't have it will be a handicap to young geeks and create more input errors later on.