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Please post any Suggestions Asap

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                   Hey;    since these forums are basically bullitin boards. The mods should have their own permanent thread, or a site thread where everything staff wants us to know will be there. Not just the rules, but updates, info, IT announcements, BEWARE SIGNS,etc. 2 weeks from now, you're gonna get people saying; the send button doesn't work, or I using XP and its acting funny. Arrakis09 tries to do this in the thread  "bugs", but some people go to help & support, or contact staff, or site suggestions. Then you have to duplicate everything. The sites big enough now to need a few street lights, and stop signs, and etc.

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    Ok folks the first 5 have bee edited when necessary and are ready.

    Any suggestion about how to post them for maximum availability ?

    Nicetude Smile


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