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Queens gambit accepted..

  • #1

    I been looking around, and i never liked my cramped position against the queens gambit (i always declined it, i tried out many variations)

    But then i realized why not play queens gambit accepted?

    I tried 1 game and i loved my position, it was easy to control, and white couldnt gain much of an edge, so i wonder..

    Is accept that bad?!

    Heres my game

  • #2

    this opening was played by Viswanthan Anand, you can look of his games here:http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chess.pl?page=3&pid=12088&playercomp=black&eco=D20-D29&title=Viswanathan%20Anand%20playing%20the%20Queen's%20Gambit%20Accepted%20as%20Black&eresult=

  • #3

    Playing the QGA is very bad, didn't your mother teach you right from wrong? You should be ashamed.

  • #4

    I'll say 8...a6 then 9...b5 would be better because you could put your B on b7 and control the long diagonal.

  • #5

    This is a good example of QGA, it also shows a6 and b5 is important..

    So far i would rather do QGA then QGD

  • #6

    White didn't really understand the goal of QG, when accepted (this is for me and based on study of the position) the response 4 e4 is unacceptable, it creates a "french dark bishop" (ie the dark bishop has been removed from the offense) either Nc3 or Bg5 would be better (as well as many other variations)

  • #7

    Queens gambit accepted was never considered bad, those who decline it just prefer to keep tension in the center, which personally i prefer too. when black accepts he's basically saying "fine you can have the center, but i will get natural and easy development". it was only considered "bad" to try and defend the pawn after accepting.


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