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    i didnt get the point of stalemate coz in this stuation white king is on check from black pawn so he cant move his king n on the other block black king cant move coz of white king so why is it stalemate its ckeck mate istend of game draw????????????????

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    i didnt ask u for my grammar or aythn else bu just asking 4 tht move if u dont knw thn **** off

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    bu soldier honestly i didnt like tht rule at all if 1 hv no move so means thn checkmate, bu still thnx 4 rplying

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    AcivilizedGentleman wrote:

    How come your grammar is so bad when you're from an English speaking nation?

    "How come"...what sort of grammar is that?

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    Grousers gonna grouse

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    The king is not in check.

    I hate it when after a comeback I end up with a draw due to poor planning. My basic strategy is to go for continuous check. Probably an amateur move on my part. Thinking would also work. Also I hate the "en passant" move but I'm trying to get over it.

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    Choked on my glass of water when i saw this ...

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    I will get you another glass.

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    To avoid stalemate.

    See, it's very easy to avoid stalemate many times.
    But if a player can plan and force you into getting
    a stalemate then that is a good tactic.
    Stalemate had been around hundreds and hundred of years and there is no way to eliminate it. There is also a draw when you don't have the correct pieces to mate
    the other king. Then that is a draw. Also when someone
    offer you a draw and it is accepted. That is a draw.

    In your diagram the King is not in Check. It is just standing there and it can't move. To be in check another piece or pawn has to be in a position to take him. Of course the King can never be captured.

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    i knw its a rule  bu really a silly 1 sorry so say tht bu it z looks bit silly n for me there is no  draw lose or win only these 2 results cz if the opposit king cant make a move by any reason means thy lost the game

    bu anyways thnx to all of u for rplying

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