Share your brilliant moves!!


That's a move worthy of a grandmaster. 1.e4 - the voyage to the stars.

WSama wrote:

That's a move worthy of a grandmaster. 1.e4 - the voyage to the stars.



my favourite ever move was deemed a mistake by stockfish, so some way short of brilliant.



The problem it creates black is he's just locked his queen out of the game, Whites queen and dark square bishop threaten to get super active, attacking F7, the rook, making checks against the king who is now open.


The computer doesn't like it, much, it whirs away for a bit before it realizes taking would be bad and it isn't a massive blunder, it says you just ignore the sacrifice and block with the knight, but solving that over the board is easier said than done. indeed, my opponent did actually decline but just chose to move the rook and ended up getting swept away.


Not a sound move at all but this is the sort of thing I kinda wish I could play all the time.


That is a beautiful move indeed. It's game play such as this, such initiative, that sweeps off mediocrity - much like blowing off cob' and dust off the board.


Feels wonderful to be able to join the brilliant club! happy.png I thought that you had to be at least an expert to get those. Computer loves my rook sac for mate and so do i!


Now that's a brilliant move. Looking at the position, it's fundamentally beautiful. And then the O-O-O, I don't see those often in my matches - it was a game for the win.