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Someone explain these messages.

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    I get these messages regularly from other members. I asked one member who sent this to me but he didn´t remember sending this. Sincerely Zimzz99

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    Typically you get one of these when someone does send you a message.  However, it looks like there's something going on with the messaging system (the %%WEBBUG.URL%% looks like an error message).

    Go to Home > Messages to see if anything shows up there.

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    I remember receiving one such message too.

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    Feeling left out Frankenstein? O_x.

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    I have never received one of those but have received similar messages you should notify chess.com staff.

  • #6

    They will analyse the message and compare it to their computer database messages and if its a genuine bug problem they will usually look to find a solution, if it is an external third party design attempting to fool chess.com members they will address this too, if its you just trolling you will jepardize your account.

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    Glad I could help.

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    when you join in tournament and Posted send alaret to all


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