Team Benoni Counter Blast/ "Benoni Brotherhood Poem"




                                      All Chess Warriors Listen up Good,

                                I'll Speak Clear as Fear so it's Understood,

                      There's a New Team in Town Taking back The  "Chess Hood",

                     A Merciless Mercenary Clan Called "The Benoni Brotherhood",

                         The Chess World Seems Surprising To This New Uprising,

                     But Their Chess Dressed for Battle and There is No Disguising,

                        What's In Store, for Chess Boards, To Them Seem Enticing,

                                  So  turn Tail, and Set Sail is What I'm Advising,

                            Chess Would Migrate West, Upon Flying Pawn Debris,

                        As Kings Ships Sank At Sea, And Wise Men Made Decrees,

                                             Then All Across The Land,

                                         The Brotherhood Would Band,

                                       Founded To Be Wound Up-Tight,

                                    And Bound To Put Up A Mighty Fight,

                            The Cost Of A Lost Chess Battle Is Their Shame,

                                And Death Before Dishonor is Their Claim,

                                 Skirmishes Shall Sharpen Them as Knives,  

                      As Chess Impressed and Revolutionised Their Very Lives,



Benoni Counter-Blast is looking for a few good Benoni players.