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Terrible user interface chess.com

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    kco wrote:

    If you can easily list 10 things then tell us, I am sure we would be interested to hear it.

    I will compile the list of 10 things this weekend for you.

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    • Online chess should have an option for fixed time controls.  X hours per game (where X might be 0, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, etc) plus Y hours per move (where Y might be 0, 4, 8, 12, 24, 48, 72, etc).  Right now one person can drag out a 3 day/move tournament by a year.
    • I can't seem to premove in the Android app?  That means blitz/bullet is pretty much unplayable on Android.
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    I agree that this site is awkward to use, especially on my android phone, but also generally. One's current games aren't shown together...vote chess and regular chess. Plus, it's necessary to minimize screen with each click and the analyze feature is useless. But I do love coming here.

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    I saw the drama way before even the first comment, any one else agree?

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    913Glorax12 wrote:

    I saw the drama way before even the first comment, any one else agree?

    What drama? This is the internet I surely hope no one gets hurt feelings over this thread. 

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    You would be suprised on how touchy people are, just wait, it will come :)

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    i would be willing to give feedback to improve the interface.  are these forums moderated?  is there a way to help?  why do people flame the OP for making a perfectly legitimate point?  

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    Sounds logical to me! :)


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