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The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

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    no way that this champioship is gonna decide by the blitz if all 12 games turn out to be a draw.

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    Interesting point "fabelhaft"...just maybe, Gelfand would like it to go all the way...

    I more agree with "Charlotte_212" however...I really can't see Gelfand precisely defending against Anand for another 8 games...although we have also seen Anand "forgetting his prep", or just plain out blundering...just refer to the previous WCC-Anand vs Topalov for such examples...so I'm convinced that one way or the other, we will get at least one decisive result before the final 8.

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    fabelhaft wrote:
    jesterville wrote:

    The general thinking is that if this Match goes to blitz then Anand will be the overwelming favourite. Does Gelfand share this view?

    I think the weaker player always would prefer a decision in blitz where things are more unpredictable. Kosteniuk won against Anand, Aronian and Carlsen in the World Blitz Championship, but she would never beat them with classical time controls. So even if Anand would be the favourite also in blitz I think Gelfand's winning chances would be considerably bigger than in classical, where he hasn't beaten Anand in 19 years and hasn't looked likely to win a game in this match either.

    Gelfand doesn't necessarily feels weaker.Maybe there is something we have underestimate:motivation.For Gelfand is the greatest moment of his carreer and possibly his last chance of achieving what every chessplayer dreams off.As more draws come , he will have to take a tough decision.Will he let  "blitz roulette" decide?.

    Anand  is the defending champion.Of course he would like to remain Champion for 2 more years but if he lose on blitz games then he is a champion that lose on blitz games(for the people).If Gelfand lose on blitz games ,he didn't deserve to be there anyway(90% believes that someone else should be the candidate) so he should be happy that he even get there(for the people).Will he let his best moment of his carreer to be decided that way?Gelfand probably knows that he won't have another chance so that's it.It is for him the last stop in this huge journey and I think he knows it.

      IMO as we go to the end , an interesting emotional conflict will unfold and will be more tensed game by game.

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    Michael-G, I do agree that Gelfand knows fully well that this is his only chance to be part of chess history...and so far he has impressed, in terms of the chess population's expectations of him. So yes...he can not be more motivated...but, motivation will only get you so far, does he have the skill level to break Anand's defences? Will he feel compelled/forces to take more and more risks as these games unfold?  I think Vishi is banking on this...and just waiting for him to overreach...to counterpunch.

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    I think the difference between these players is not huge.Anand is not at his bets point and maybe Gelfand is.One fact that should be taken under consideration is Anand's experience on similar matches.Anand certainly knows how to handle the psychological pressure and in the press conference after the game I had the feeling that he was much more relaxed than Gelfand.

    I also think that Anand is waiting for Gelfand to risk,but the question is when Gelfand will decide to risk?If he has planned a risk, he has plan it towards the end of the match so that if it is successful , Anand won't have the time to react.But it is possible , with every game Anand defends successfully , Gelfand realises that a risk won't work and will only make things worst.

       Anand took 2 easy draws with Black and Slav defense seems (till now)that can't give Gelfand an advantage.Will he change his strategy?Does he have something in mind or just goes game by game hoping for the best?   

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    I made bet 100 dollars on GelfandSmileTongue Out

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    The whole point of the contest is that you have to play a series of games and drawing in every game is not a way to win. Anand is probably better than Gelfand in blitz, which gives him an advantage. Also, I haven't noticed Anand sweating too much over any of the positions offered to him by Gelfand so far. Anand's approach was something like 'try and win or else get a draw'. He was not close to losing in any of the games. I think that Anand has some reserves for the second part of the series. And Gelfand seems to be putting all his might into it from the start. Of course, there are chances of Gelfand winning this series, but I would not call them huge.

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    Well, I have been reading a lot of blogs on different chess sites where the draws are being heavily critised, but I think even thought all the 4 games have been drawn, this match is pretty exciting so far. Most chess games are drawn at this level...it is what it is...

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    Hey trysts, where are you?...we are missing your input here.Frown

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    So I've been thinking about Anand's strategy for tomorrow's game with the whites. Does he continue to play d4 expecting Gelfand to continue with the Gruenfeld? And proceed with some new variation? Or does he play his well prepared surprise now, with a totally different opening....maybe e4 or something else?

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    I think it is soon for surprises.Anand will wait Gelfand to risk and to do that he has to show him that he is not willing to risk himself.The more Gelfand sees Anand playing safe the more intense the matter of decision become for him.Should he risk or go for the rapids?Anand will keep his good novelties for the 2 last white(or Black) games(if he has any).

        Of course all these might change if something goes wrong and we have a win for either side.The one that lost has to bring the "big weapons" on the battle.Until we have a win the battle will be mostly a battle of patience and a well calculated and timed surprise.

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    maybe in the future, the player who play white should draw from the hat that annouce what move he is to make out of the possible 20 moves and play from there ! Surprised... interesting.... 

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    kco, how about this rule: do not allow to play the same opening more than once or twice in a match?

  • #334

    But how would you define what an 'opening' is? How many of the first moves would have to be the same? And also what about transpositions - different move orders resulting in the same positions?

  • #335

    madhacker I believe that not allowing to repeat first two halfmoves will be enough to add some variety to the game.

  • #336

    Not  bad idea at all!!!Makes things very interesting.

  • #337

    Seriously? So if I start the first game with 1.d4, and you reply 1...d5, then in the third game when I have white again and I play 1.d4 again, you are not allowed to play 1...d5?

    This would just result in inferior moves being played... That is unless players find ways around it which they inevitably would. For example, if you wanted to play the semi-slav against my 1.d4, you could start with d5, c6, e6, Nf6 all resulting in the same position.

    I think the 'variety' has to come from within and trying to impose it artificially would mess the game up. Eventually someone is going to have to take some risk unless they are both happy to settle it on the blitz games, which I doubt somehow. Let's see how the game goes today. I tend to think that the next time Anand has white, in game 6, he might try something else, as he's got nothing really so far with his white opening.

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    jesterville wrote:

    I think even thought all the 4 games have been drawn, this match is pretty exciting so far. Most chess games are drawn at this level

    To me it isn't one of the more exciting title matches this far, and it's unusual with many draws at the start. Anand-Topalov had three decisive games in the first four games, Anand-Kramnik had three decisive in the first six, and Kramnik's three previous title matches all had at least one decisive result in the first two games. Excitement isn't just about decisive games though but the start has been rather dry here.

  • #339

    madhacker, I meant that both first halfmoves should not be repeated. Or they can be repeated but only twice in a match. So I am fine to play 1.d4 two times, and you are fine to reply with 1...d5 twice.This means that you have to plan your opening move strategy for the match, because you've got only a limited number of tries before your favourite opening sort of 'expires' :D

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    Ok, so if two games go 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5, and in the next game you play 1. d4 e6 2. e4, can I then play 2. d5?

    This seems dead overcomplicated to me.


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